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Sweden PM Lofven narrowly won support from lawmakers to form new government

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Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has received 116 votes in the 349-seat Riksdagen in favor of giving him the mandate, with 60 abstentions. In Sweden, prime ministers can govern as long as there is no parliamentary majority — a minimum 175 votes — against them. A total 173 votes were cast against Lofven.

Lofven has said he will form a two-party Cabinet with the Greens and is expected to present it on Friday.

Sweden’s lawmakers of Center Party and Left Party abstained from voting, paving the way for his victory, while Lofven’s Social Democratic Party, the Greens and one independent lawmaker voted for him. All together, they accounted for 175 seats in parliament, the minimum number needed for a majority. The Social Democrats hold 100 seats. One opposition lawmaker from the center-right bloc abstained.

“Because fewer than half of the assembly’s members voted no, the assembly has approved the proposal to appoint Stefan Lofven as Prime Minister,” said Parliament Speaker Andreas Norlen.
“The Riksdag has given me the support needed to continue to lead Sweden,” Lofven told a news conference and noted that it was an “extremely narrow” vote in parliament.

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