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Newly formed association of women teachers in UP seeks 3-day ‘period leave’ every month because of poor condition of toilets

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A campaign has been launched in Uttar Pradesh, by newly formed association of teachers seeking three-day ‘period leave’ every month because of the poor condition of toilets.The association, which was formed around six months ago, already has a presence in 50 of the state’s 75 districts.

As per the reports from media sources, members of Uttar Pradesh Mahila Shikshak Sangh have met ministers of the state government and are now reaching out to public representatives, telling them why they should be heard.

The association president Sulochana Maurya says, “In most schools, teachers share the toilet with over 200 to 400 students.

There’s hardly any cleaning that happens. In fact, a lot of women teachers tend to suffer from urinary infections because they don’t drink water to avoid using the washroom.

Often, the choice is between using the unhygienic washrooms in schools or going to the fields. It’s difficult, especially when we have our periods, because some of us have to travel 30-40 km to reach schools in far-flung villages.”

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